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Instructor Mark Mullen is a Gracie Barra black belt in brazilian jiu-jitsu and a brown belt in judo with 20+ years experience in the martial arts.
Based in Saigon, Vietnam

Bjj lineage:
Carlson Gracie Sr. > Marcus Soares > Mark Mullen
Carlos Gracie Jr. > Josh Russell > Mark Mullen

Mark started training in judo in 1995 and inspired by Royce Gracie winning the early UFC's, became obsessed to learn bjj.

When Marcus Soares 7th degree coral belt of the Carlson Gracie Team moved to Vancouver in 1997 (the first black belt to teach in Canada) Mark became one of the earliest students.
Mark discovered an early aptitude and love for teaching bjj when head instructor Soares would return to Brazil and Mark would teach the classes.

Mark started training with Gracie Barra black belt Josh Russell when Josh moved back to Canada after training and living in Rio de Janeiro for several years.
Mark was one of the original founders of Gracie Barra Calgary and graduated to purple, brown and finally black belt under Josh Russell 3rd degree.

In 2014 Mark accepted an offer to relocate to Taipei, Asia to be the bjj coach for 2 MMA gyms and run the bjj program for the schools as well as coaching the fighters.
Mark writes for popular online bjj blogs Gracie Barra Blog and

Mark Mullen Gracie Barra Certified Instructor   Mark Mullen Gracie Barra Black Belt   Mark Mullen Gracie Barra Black Belt

Mark Mullen BJJ
Twitter: @MarkMullenBJJ

Prof. Mullen also teaches classes in other cities and countries according to travel.
Con Rong Bjj is based in Asia.